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Due to the amazing success of our 8 Weeks To LEAN Program, we have developed an amazing range of online Courses and Programs designed to help you achieve your ultimate health goals through nutrition, fitness and harnessing the power of your subconscious mind!  We’re very excited to be launching an amazing product suite incorporating the best of our 8 Weeks to LEAN Program as well as many other programs and bonuses to support your weight loss and health journey.  

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Short Course Kick-starters

Our Short Courses include:

30 Day Metabolism Reset Course – Exclusive Meal Plans, Home Exercise Program and 4 Hypnotic Audio’s to Enhance your Metabolic Rate!

4 Week Emotional Eating Course – A  comprehensive course dedicated to breaking through emotional and binge eating behaviours empowering you to take back control of your life!

LEAN Virtual Gastric Band Online Course – A healthy and holistic Virtual Gastric Band designed to focus on moderating food intake while focusing on maximising your Metabolism!

8 Weeks To LEAN

8 Weeks to L.E.A.N is a life-changing 8 week program combining holistic nutrition, movement and mindset to educate, support and equip participants with all the tools needed to truly reclaim their health and achieve long term results. 

Available as both a Self-Paced 8 Week Online Delivery Course or Fully Supported Online Group Coaching Zoom Course.

“The LEAN program has been brilliant for breaking down mental barriers to health and wellness. I highly recommend this program for anyone seeking a long and healthy lifestyle.”

Private Coaching Program

Experience all the benefits of the 8 Weeks to L.E.A.N Program on a one-to-one basis, with a personalised meal plan and hypnotherapy sessions tailored specifically to your unique circumstances and goals.  The 8 Week Private Coaching Program Includes:

4 x 1hr Private Hypnosis Sessions

4 x 1hr Private Nutrition/Fitness Coaching Sessions with Personalised Meal Plan


The Full 8 Weeks to L.E.A.N Self-Paced Online Delivery Program and 

The LEAN Virtual Gastric Band Program

What Our Clients Say:

“The LEAN program has been brilliant for breaking down mental barriers to health and wellness. I highly recommend this program for anyone seeking a long and healthy lifestyle.”

-Shaylene Harth

“After joining the 8 Weeks to LEAN program I learned so much about my metabolism – I wasn’t just eating the wrong foods, I wasn’t eating enough.  I now understand there is no quick fix diet plan but a complete lifestyle change around movement, nutrition and mindset. I know that if I continue with what I learned over the 8 weeks, I will become a more healthier, confident me.

-Gail Thompson

“The 8 weeks have been great to focus on mindset around nutrition and exercise and the program has given us a safe place to discuss and work out strategies to help overcome the negatives that come with food and exercise. A fantastic platform to create a change in lifestyle.”

-Naomi De

“This program came along for me at just the right time. I have tried so many different diets and boot camps etc. but nothing gave me results in 8 short weeks. I have achieved more here than ever before. To now want to make good food choices and exercise is something I never dreamed of before. So thank you both from the bottom of my heart.”

Kelli Moore

“Really well organised, easy to understand info. Just wish the program went longer! Covered a variety of topics, both coaches are very approachable. Learnt so much and I have great tools for the future, I will recommend to friends..”

-Tracey Roberts

“The program was an extreme mind opener. Everything I learnt will and has helped me make healthier choices.”

-Amy Jackson

Angie’s Story:

Congratulations to one of our amazing past participants in our 8 Weeks to LEAN program!  Not only has she achieved her goal dress size this year, but she’s also managed to:
  • Quit processed sugar,
  • Take control of food cravings and emotional eating,
  • Reduce her body fat percentage below 30%,
  • Greatly improve her mental health,
  • Commit to a regular strength training program, and;
  • Completely fix her slow metabolism!
All of this has been achieved since completing our 8 Week Program! In fact, in just the last 4 weeks, Angie has seen a further drop of 4.4kgs, 2.2% BF and 6 Years off her Metabolic Age, a true reflection of her renewed sense of motivation and self-care over the past few months.  Her ever increasing fat loss while still eating plenty of real food just shows the power of a fast metabolism!
“An AMAZING program!!! Tammy and Faye have created something super special that’s completely different to any approach you may have tried. This is an educated yet easy approach to weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes that you can actually sustain long term!   So grateful for the new skills and knowledge!  Would highly recommend”
Angie Leigh

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