Holistic Courses and Programs for Sustainable Weight Management

Not just another weight loss program, L.E.A.N has been designed to provide the missing link for those who’ve tried everything to improve their health in the past with no success. L.E.A.N stands for Learn, Encourage, Accept and Nourish, which is exactly what these programs aim to do.  

Combining Modern Hypnotherapy Practice with Clinical Nutrition and Exercise Therapy, L.E.A.N programs provide healthy and sustainable change at a subconscious level, ensuring you get the best possible results that will last a lifetime!

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Our Programs:

Short Courses to Kick Bad Habits

Whether you’re looking to speed up your Metabolism or put an end to Emotional Eating forever, we have a short course to help you achieve your health goals now!

The 8 Weeks To LEAN Program

Our most comprehensive program to achieve a healthy mind, body and soul!  Get started straight away, or join our next Online Group Coaching Course to completely overhaul your health.

Private Nutrition or Mindset Coaching

For a more personalised approach, our Nutrition and Mindset Coaches are available for one-to-one online coaching to get the most out of your LEAN experience.

Meet the L.E.A.N Coaches

Faye Hartley-Youens – Hypnotherapy & Mindset
Faye brings a wealth of experience and a personal passion to The L.E.A.N program, working daily with clients addressing limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, motivation, confidence and other issues which prevent clients moving forward.
Working with clients to facilitate an understanding of the powerful mind body connection and how each individual has access to all the resources they need for SUCCESS is central to Faye’s professional philosophy.

Tammy Oldham – Nutrition & Fitness
Tammy is a practicing Clinical Nutritionist and Personal Trainer with a passion for helping her clients achieve optimal health as well as great physical results. 
With a particular focus on maximising metabolic health and bringing the body back to a state of hormonal balance, she knows all too well how detrimental yo-yo dieting can be on her clients’ ability to achieve long lasting and sustainable weight loss. 
She brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for all things fitness and nutrition to the L.E.A.N Program to ensure every participant achieves results without compromise. 

Our Approach

It’s not a short term diet, it’s a long term Lifestyle Change!

Our Programs and Courses involve real food (not diet shakes or pills)  with a strong focus on long term health and sustainability.  We strongly believe the focus should be on health, not weight loss (although natural weight loss is certainly one of the benefits!) 

There has recently been a big shift in the area of health and weight loss. 

Industry leaders such as Weight Watchers and Noom no longer focus on the number on the scales but have changed to a more holistic approach.
Perhaps this makes perfect sense to you when you have tried many diets without success or have spent the last few decades yo-yo dieting.
8 Weeks to LEAN offers an approach in line with the latest research and with what you may have always known.
Weight loss success and long term health comes from changing your mindset towards food and exercise.
It is not about short term gains or losses but a sustainable approach and the beginning of a journey that gives you back CONTROL.


Getting Started is Easy

Choose your Course

Choose from our variety of Short Courses, or delve into the full 8 Weeks To L.E.A.N Course in your own time or on Zoom.

Download Your Course

Your Comprehensive Course Material will be provided via our Online Course Delivery System, Email or Zoom for your convenience.


Achieve Results!

Work through your course material, including Exclusive Hypnotic Audios, Meal Plans, Exercise Plans and more – and start seeing great results!

“This program came along for me at just the right time. I have tried so many different diets and boot camps etc. but nothing gave me results in 8 short weeks. I have achieved more here than ever before. To now want to make good food choices and exercise is something I never dreamed of before. So thank you both from the bottom of my heart.”

Kelli Moore

"An AMAZING program!!! Tammy and Faye have created something super special thats completely different to any approach you may have tried. This is an educated yet easy approach to weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes that you can actually sustain long term! So grateful for the new skills and knowledge! Would highly recommend"

Angie Leigh

"The LEAN program has been brilliant for breaking down mental barriers to health and wellness. I highly recommend this program for anyone seeking a long and healthy lifestyle."

Shaylene Harth

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I guaranteed to get results?

We like to think everyone who follows our programs will get great results, however your individual results are completely dependent on your willingness to follow the program and implement the recommended  strategies.  It won’t happen overnight, but if you follow the program consistently you should see results.

I’ve never tried hypnotherapy, will it work for me?

Hypnotherapy has a long, well researched history in helping people change their relationship with food and develop habits that will support your journey to wellness and weight-loss. 

Can Men also benefit from the LEAN Program?

Absolutely!  We welcome both men and women to join our programs, and the principles taught in our courses apply just as well to men as they do to women.

How long will it take me to complete the course?

Our programs range anywhere from 5 days to 8 Weeks.  Online Courses can be completed in your own time, with no time limits, however we recommend you follow the recommended Course Outline to get the best results.  Our 8 Weeks to LEAN Group Coaching Course runs for 8 weeks and is a set curriculum.

Do you cater for special dietary or exercise needs?

Our meal plans and exercise programs are designed to help you get maximum benefit from your chosen course.  Our dedicated Nutrition & Fitness Coach is available to help advise on the best way to alter the plans to suit your needs.

How do I get started?

If you’re ready to get started on achieving long term sustainable health, simply click on any of the Courses above to find out more!

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